'Sjoelen' in China

The aim for this project was looking for a possibility to fit the traditional Dutch game 'Sjoelen' in China.

After a research into Chinese gaming culture and 'Sjoelen', a few things caught my attention. First of all, in an interview somebody said 'I'm not sure if people will play it [Sjoelen] as often as other Chinese games, the way Sjoelen is now.'. This was focused on missing a few elements such as strategy and a social aspect. To change the game I looked into Petanque and Curling. Out of these two games I grabbed some elements to add to 'Sjoelen'. To add a social aspect into the game I looked into common social events, the one most interesting for me was the family diners around a big round table.


The Game | The table itself will be available in public spaces, such as others that are currently there. The pucks should be bought by the people themselves. The pucks are the same size as they are now for 'Sjoelen', different patterns are available to personalize your pucks. The holes to score are a bit bigger. This way it will be easier to slide pucks in, but also to bump other pucks out. Instead of getting points by just getting through the holes, you now have to aim for the circles. The person with the highest score will win, after a few rounds of playing the game. The game can be played with as many people that can fit around the table. Socializing and competition are the two most important elements.


Silhouettes by Freepik. | Photo of people playing boardgame found on Pho Across America.


November 2015


Concept Design


Design Academy Eindhoven


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