What is an easy way to take your medication with you for the day? Does it need to be obvious for everyone you take pils?

With POK I want to create a medication container that doesn't show it is for medication and is simple to use.


POK has 3 big pockets and 2 small ones. The initial idea is that you can take your medication for the day with you. You can split it up in morning, afternoon and evening as you often do with medication. The big pockets are meant for this. The smaller ones are for the extra medication next to the morning, afternoon and evening.


POK is made with two color injection molding. The closures are also made with this. It can be made in one go. This gives it low production costs. The materials are easily cleaned and safe for storing medication. POK is easy to take with you, it fits in your pocket and bag. The pockets fit small to regular sized medication. It can either be used for a complete day which you split in morning, afternoon and evening, or for multiple day in this case you use one pocket per day.


January 2016


Product Design


Design Academy Eindhoven


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