(Re)Designing meeting points.

Within squares a lot of different kinds of transportation methods are meeting each other. The cars have to wait for the pedestrians, the cyclists have to wait for the cars and everybody has to wait for the buses. To start the pedestrians will get their own level to walk. This level will have big podias (new kind of squares) connecting to each other and creating a big path through the city. The podia will create a complete first level that will be only accessible by pedestrians. The podias are connected to buildings, these buildings can contain shops, offices, museums, etc. The buildings will connect to the next podia and so create a complete path. The podia will be completely focused on the needs of pedestrians and available for different kind of activities.

You can enter the podia either by stairs or elevator. With a few podia 'Spanish' stairs are created to create a complete square and area around the podia.


Underneath there is lighting for the cars and a lot of openness to ensure safety. The openness is created by having a lot of visibility between the different layers.


The top of the podia can have different purposes for now I have made proposals for 4 kinds;

Green & Relaxing - A small park for relaxation and to add more green to the modern city

Art & Design - This project was initially for Eindhoven were design plays a big part, this podia was made to showcase various designers

Food & Shops - Small shops or coffee places for people to sit down

Events - A place where events can be held, such as concerts and theater


June 2016


Concept Design


Design Academy Eindhoven


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