Everybody has moved at least once and probably redecorated your home more often. When decorating your home you try to look for these objects (couch, cabinets, table, etc.) that perfectly fit you. To find this you go to 10 different stores, search the Internet and most of the times it still doesn’t full fill exactly what you want.

That one (for example) cabinet has the right height, the other the right color, and another one the drawer you want. In the end you need to settle for the one that fits best.


So, what if you can completely personalize this object to what you want? This is why I created M.O.D., short for Make Our Design. M.O.D. is a furniture brand with modular furniture.

I created modules and with these modules you can create the furniture piece that you want, that fits your needs.

For now I only created modules for a cabinet. With the modules you can create the cabinet you want. Pick the pieces you want in your cabinet, the color and the way you put it  together. For the cabinets are different seizes of modules and some extras you can place in the module, modules are also available with two open sides. Extras include a drawer,

a door & a plank.

In the future I want to extend the line with other furniture pieces, such as a lamp, a chair, a coffee table, bookcase, etc. Regular items you find in almost every home.


But why chose M.O.D.?

First of all, you can make you piece completely fit to your wishes. You can make it as big as you like, can chose the amount of drawers, doors or etc, and the color. It is even possible the stack it in the way you want it. Second, there is no longer this long search for this piece you want. You can go to the M.O.D. website and order what you want without leaving your home and going from store to store. It stays modular. You are able to keep changing the modules. Mix the order, change direction, etc. So when you get bored change it, or maybe expand it, order extra modules.


M.O.D. will have it’s own website. On this website are multiple things to see.

There will be a database of created furniture pieces, this way you can get inspiration of what is possible but also share your creation.

The most important part of course is the building program. On the website you are able the ‘build’ your own piece with the available modules and colors. When you have build your piece you can order it Online and the complete piece will be delivered to you as a building package.

Within the delivery there will be a personalized manual in how to put you creation together.


So, think back at the search for you perfect piece of furniture. With M.O.D. I offer you the solution to make this search a lot easier and get you the perfect piece you are looking for.


June 2016


Product Design


Design Academy Eindhoven


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