'Geld op Sok'

This project is made for the Hema design contest 2015. The theme was traveling.

Imagine going out or the night, all your valuables (money, cards, ID) in your pocket. A few drinks in and it is your turn to pay. You ordered everything, time to pay, and you can't find your money. You start to panic. Making calls to block you cards, call the police for your ID and you will never see any of that cash you had with you. What a mess! It can be different. When you go out you can put your valuables in the 'Geld op Sok'. This time when you have to pay your money is safe. Who would think that you store your money in your sock? Even if they know, how would they reach it without you noticing?


I frequently notice that people do not want to bring their whole wallet when they go out. The cards, ID and cash money end in a pocket or pants pocket, which is not a safe solution. Pickpockets can easily reach it. I know a few people who for this reason put these things in their sock. Only this is not really comfortable. The evening will end walking on change or cards that stick to your foot.


'Geld op Zak' is a convenient and simple solution, in addition that it also looks nice. It is comfortable because of the use of the material, the pocket is of the same material as the sock itself. In fact, it is a sock with a pocket for your belongings. The pocket is big enough for one (or more) pass (es), also fits bills and / or coins in. You close the pocket by turning over the edge of your sock and close with the button.


With safety in mind and taking into account that pickpockets first start looking into coat pockets, pockets and / or bags is the 'Geld op Sok' sock an excellent solution. It's not a habit to have valuables in your socks. In addition to that it is not an obvious place, it is also a place that is more difficult to reach for others. By closing the pocket on the 'Geld op Sok' it is also difficult to get into the pocket when it is closed, a pickpocket in any case, the carrier itself can easily access.


April 2015


Product Design


Design Academy Eindhoven, Hema


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