Part of the Family

Making pets and humans equals.

Our pets are part of the family, aren't they? However, pets seem to have their own place to eat sleep, play, etc. That sets them apart. If they are really like a family member, why aren’t their facilities more integrated into our homes?

To give our furry loved ones the place they deserve, I’ve designed furniture that merges pet objects with our own furniture. Now you can fully enjoy each others company.

The birdcabinet (Hidden Dragon) is a cabinet merged with a spacious birdcage. The volume of the cage is just as big as the cabinet. The cabinet offers you a perfect look at your birds whether sitting on the stool or standing in front of the cabinet. And did you know that looking at birds offers people relaxation?

The catsofa (Crouching Tiger) is one part couch and one part your cats new favourite hangout. The cat section has a special place to hide and a soft spot on top. When you both are relaxing on the sofa, it’s easier to cuddle and pet. Did you know that petting an animal can be stress relieving?

So, both birdcabinet and catsofa give our pets the place they deserve. But it also will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits of your furry & feathered friends.

The cabinet, also called Hidden Dragon, is shown above. The cabinet has just as much space for you as it has for the bird. This way you are equal. With the cabinet are also two stools provided. These stools give you the option to sit with your bird, observe your bird, or interact with it. The bird also has the option to go into the cabinet to it's own personal space.


The couch, also called Crouching Tiger, is shown below. The couch has just as much space for you as it has for the cat. This way you are equal. The light fabric is especially chosen for your cat. The parts are less comfortable for a human to sit on. The cat also has a place to hide out, as that is what cats love to do.


June 2017


Product Design



Design Academy Eindhoven


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