E.On Plastic Recycling

This project was a collaboration with DAE and E.On. The project was made with a small group of students.

The process began with researching the place and target group where the end result would be used. A big problem we found was the plastic waste laying around everywhere. This project focuses on this waste.


E.on Plastic Recycling is an idea of creating raw material by recycling plastic waste. One of the new materials is rope, the plastic used for this are the soft plastics (e.g. plastic bags). Making rope from plastic will be done by a small machine connected to the E.on grid. This rope is the main material for our ideas, which include wickering (an already known craft by these people). The harder plastics (e.g. bottles) can be used as bases for the products. There is also a small machine connected to the E.on grid that can cut bottles into strips. Depending on the thickness of the strips, the uses are different. When the strips are very small then it could also be used to make rope from. This idea involves high participation of the locals of all age groups. E.g. kids could collect plastic, women making/wickering the products, to men selling the materials and products. It is the strength of their culture that could turn basket making into a business. For now the product is a container but it can change with the needs of the village and market to other kinds baskets, bags, objects and even fashion items.


For this project we asked Mieke Langhuizen from 't Wilgennest for her knowledge of wickering.


June 2015


Concept Design, Product Design


Design Academy Eindhoven, E.On


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